Versus Socks Reviews

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Stylish, but situational color!

The bottle is very nice to look at and that if your bike fits with the color it will look even better! Hydrate yourself in style

Classic White Active Crew Socks
Reinart Engelbrecht
Love it

These socks are the best. For Ironman training they work 100%! I cycle and run with the same pair ( no need for running socks or cycling sock ) one pair for everything. Btw I have like 10 pairs :P

Best running socks!

You do not know that you have socks on

The versus socks wears like a dream. Once you have them on you do not know you have socks on. They are super absorbent and comfortable.


What can i say - i drove all the way from the Strand to collect my 2 pairs of socks and on top of that i also bought 2 cycling bottles. This is not my first pair of socks. Me and my son-in-law love the socks. The product is really nice, comfortable and funky. Thank you for your super service and great products.

Multi functional “funky” sock

Very happy with the quality and overall feel

Allsorts Liquorice

Love the quality and the fun theme.

Stupendous Strawberry Socks!

Bought these for my daughter and the pineapples for my son and they love them - wear them all the time. We are now a Versus family!

Avocado Active Crew Socks
Griseldis Ellis
Avo socks

Not only beautiful socks but comfortable when cycling & running

Pineapple Socks

Great quality, very comfortable and amazing design.

Allsorts Socks

Great quality, very comfortable and amazing design.

Avo socks

Great quality, very comfortable and amazing design.

Pineapple pen

amazing durability, smooth soft and comfy


"Versus Socks exceeded my expectations! The quality of their socks is unmatched, providing both comfort and durability. The wide range of designs ensures there's something for everyone, whether you're looking for a bold statement or a classic style. Compared to other brands, Versus Socks stand out for their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Plus, their customer service is top-notch, making the entire shopping experience a breeze. I highly recommend Versus Socks to anyone looking to elevate their sock game!"

Cat Active Crew Socks
Florence Aruko
Cat Active Crew Socks

Absolutely great! Cute, comfortable and a perfect fit

Springbok active socks

very well made, fit perfect and great for running or going to the gym. Would recommend for active use.

The ONLY socks I'll buy!

Been wearing Versus since 2018, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Best socks

Good looking socks, light weight and great to show off

Best Socks

Love the colour on this one, but as always just comfortable and over all the best socks you can buy.

Love the new trail running range!

Best Socks 💜

Comfortable, don’t slip, not too tight around the ankles and such good fabric and quality!!

Just what us runners have needed!!

Perfect fit from the start

Easy ordering, fast delivery, nothing to complain about

All sorts

Love the socks and special gift with the delovery. Very clever

Pink Run Active Crew Socks
Brandon Constant
Versus is the best Running Socks

I've running in Versus Socks for the past 4 years, it is the best and that's whybi'm sticking to it.


Lilac Running Quarter Socks
Anrika Engelbrecht
Best socks I own

I constantly reach for these socks. They are comfortable and I know they will not give me any problems in the run. Ran a half-marathon in these and I want to buy more pairs!