Versus Socks Reviews

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Great cap!

Super comfy and fresh styling!!

Love the product!

Powder blue trainer socks

The perfect length for trainer socks, make my feet look cute and the bonus is they are comfortable. My 3rd pair and need more💙 money well spent.

Smile Active Socks
Zanele Mngoma
Active smile socks

Very comfortable and they immediately put me into a happy mood😊They make a beautiful Statement and compliment my outfit

Flamingo Style

Run fast and glide like a flamingo!

Blue & Orange Stripe Running Socks
Bruno Gaspar
Run in style

Now it's only versus for life!!

Colours are great!

Just amazing socks


Super comfy trail running socks. Defs getting more.


Comfy, light, quickdrying. Great running cap.

White RUN Socks
Susan Swanepoel

My children are very happy with their socks !

Black RUN Socks
Susan Swanepoel
Baie tevrede

Children love their socks - excellent service and fast delivery from Versus

Black Cycling Socks
Susan Swanepoel
Baie tevrede

Goeie sokkies, uitstekende vinnige diens en aflewering

Comfort deluxe

Put these socks on and feels like I’m gliding along the road. Super comfy and an awesome feel.


Bought these as the family Christmas socks this year and they went down swimmingly!! Super comfy,not too warm and as always great quality

Candy Tie Dye Elite Socks
Andrew Stoffberg
Versus what?

Compare them against any sock you will come back for more. Its addictive its light you dont feel them on your feet. They funky too. But to top it all the delivery is super fast. Buying more after this review. Did I say they addictive?

Socks and box

Amazing pair of socks fit 100% thank you

The best

Best socks ever.I not only use them for sport but started using them as a daily sock as well

Fit Santa Active Socks
Lindsay de Kock
Fit Santa Active Sock

Love the colour, love the look. Stunning

Christmas socks

Love them. People comment all the time.

Bright, cheerful colourful socks and very comfy!

Very comfy :)


I bought these for my boyfriend and he LOVES them! He went and bought another three pairs

Limited Christmas Online Box
Monique Potgieter
Cute box

I thought we would get something else inside the box, and was very entertained when it was JUST a box.

But it is very fun and colourful and I used it for more than just my order!

Llama Active Socks
Monique Potgieter
Awesome Socks!

These socks are comfortable and the colours are fun.

Hoping to replace all our socks with New Versus Socks soon!

Sock review

Excellent product and excellent service

Best running socks

I like running on a treadmill everyday.
Recently I was struggling with blisters and was struggling with the right shoes and socks.

I bought these socks by random googling and they are worth every penny.

If you are a runner like me, look no further.

They will make any uncomfortable shoes comfortable for long runs.

The Black RUN Socks are also okay if you want to go a little cheaper, but if you have the cash then go for the shadow stripes running socks.